Hookup tips: Dos and Don’ts

Hookup culture is a word familiar among all college students than ever. The rules and pressure of hookup culture are exerting huge impact on people. As it is defined, hookup is a term applied between two persons who are neither lovers nor dating partners, but to describe a short-term relationship without any commitment and no strings attached.

Like some other social activities, hook up has its’ ups and downs. On the one hand, hookup is amazing and dreamy when you are with the person you have been long for. It can also be a way to relieve pressure. On the other hand, hookup can be terrible. It can be extremely awkward that you hope you have never been there, like calling for the wrong name, lack of sexual satisfactory, etc.

Although bbw dating can be dangerous, don’t worry, my dear readers, because I am going to help you nail the game by offering you appropriate tips and tricks.

When you are hooking up with someone, there are some rules you should follow in order to attain positive experience. However, what needs to be pointed out is that as a man, my perspective is limited, so some of you ma find some different of opinions. I apologize for it.

Communication is always the key. Two persons or more, no matter how many people are involved, you should all be honest and open to each other. The ideal circumstance would be both parties having mutual and equal understanding of each other about their expectations, preferences, boundaries, etc. Even if you are not in an exact relationship, you should have at least some guide lines. Both of you should know that this is not an exclusive relationship and it might just be a one-time thing.

No condom, no lube, no perfection. People should carry these basic necessities along with them whenever they are going for a one night hookup. Nothing can be more damaging than the lack of preparedness. Unprotected sexual activities are unhealthy and impolite. You should use protection at any time unless you are expecting a baby coming with your significant other. Men should never take away condoms in exchange for sleazy pleasure, which is totally not worth the risk. Safety is the most important thing. You should be cautious, especially during tinder hookup.

Sexual activity must be agreed by both parties and no exception. If you like, you can try to become friends first. Friendship can make you feel more comfortable and more likely to reach an agreement. However, there is also demerits. Friendship is more likely to develop into a serious relationship. If you are not looking for anything serious, you need to be careful with it. Anyway, if you are friends, it is easier to ask permission and less awkward. Even if you are not but only strangers, you should also make sure your partner is okay with what you are about to do, otherwise it might be upgraded to something much more serious.